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EG - AI Prompt: a cartoon-style ice cream truck with a smiling vendor serving ice cream to happy

CA - AI Prompt: using music to express feelingsnative

CA - AI Prompt: anime baseball player swinging at a ball at home plate in a packed stadium

CA - AI Prompt: anime three strike rule

CA - AI Prompt: punishment, verbal warning

CA - AI Prompt: indigenous baseball player swinging at a pitch missing the ball and striking out

CA - AI Prompt: baseball player swinging bat at home plate and missing in a packed stadium

HU - AI Prompt: mountains

US - AI Prompt: mother and ****

DZ - AI Prompt: buisness card , black red and white color only , vector , creative ,modern,

SG - AI Prompt: long flowing hair,an elegant and noble middle-aged woman is wearing a colorful

CO - AI Prompt: imagen de área de estacionamiento de un conjunto residencial con los siguientes

RU - AI Prompt: *** hanging chained on highway like horror movies, in the middle of the forest,

PK - AI Prompt: create a hyper-realistic image of a modern washroom featuring sleek, white fixtu

PK - AI Prompt: create a hyper-realistic image of a modern studio room featuring a versatile lay

PK - AI Prompt: create a hyper-realistic image of a luxurious swimming pool in a modern backyard

PK - AI Prompt: generate a realistic image of a simple, rectangular swimming pool in a backyard.

PK - AI Prompt: a hyper-realistic modern kitchen with sleek, grey cabinets and black countertops

KG - AI Prompt: the image portrays a woman with long black hair, blue eyes, and a full body tatt

LK - AI Prompt: united kingdom flag with bulding

US - AI Prompt: samurai, ***, anime style, kimono, harem pants, footwear, blank background

PA - AI Prompt: close up, turn 45 degrees sideways angle, ultra hd of a beautiful male supermode

GB - AI Prompt: long brown hair , brown eyes , hoodie, short pants , stomach is clear

US - AI Prompt: realistic full body photo of ***** woman with red hair

US - AI Prompt: forest in early morning

US - AI Prompt: forest in early mornig

KG - AI Prompt: red grapes with a bunch leaf, small droplets on the berries, good lighting

KG - AI Prompt: a cute fox with blue eyes and white fur is spinning around in a magical forest w

SG - AI Prompt: an elegant middle-aged woman is standing in full body, wearing a brightly colore